I was fortunate enough to become a part of the business of Recruitment at the age of 15. I was offered a modern apprenticeship back in Scotland and have not looked back since. Through my time as a recruiter, I have developed essential skills that have allowed me to better myself as a forward-thinking businessman. Though Recruitment is not my only career, I also fight professionally through ONE Championship.

“The best way to help overcome a challenge is by assessing and understanding what the next stage is. Take a step back, think outside the box, and then act accordingly.”

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Finding the Balance

When you have two prosperous careers, it is essential to find a balance even when one weighs more than the other; and their weight will always vary. Both of my jobs require me to stay switched on every day of the week. When I am preparing for a fight, I train much more laborious, and this takes time away from Recruitment – but I do not let it take away all of that time. Training for a fight is very physically strenuous and makes me feel like I want to work less on Recruiting. The thing is, I don’t work less, I work smarter. I will do tasks that don’t require me to waste away, proceeding with work that keeps me thinking fresh. Then, when I feel like I have fulfilled my goal for work that day, I will head to the gym or go for a run.

At first finding, this balance will be complicated, but you will find it through trial and error. There are no real mistakes, only experiences earned. It is essential to look back at why something may not be working the way you want it to so that you can correct it and try again with a positive outlook.

Facing the Challenge 

There are many difficult things about recruiting, and there are many difficult things about fighting. They both challenge you in their unique ways. Recruiting itself is a challenging sector as every day will be different from the last. You need to adapt! When you go into a fight, no matter how hard you’ve trained and no matter how much you have perfected a specific technique, something may not go the way you hoped requiring you to adapt to the new situation. Each challenge must be tackled differently, and the best way to help overcome a challenge is by assessing and understanding what the next stage is. Take a step back, think outside the box, and then act accordingly. Many principles are interchangeable between Recruiting and Fighting, allowing me to not only balance my two careers but borrow experience from the two.

What makes it all worth it?

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Recruiting can bring me down at times, and so can many things. The critical thing to remember is why you’re doing what you’re doing. With Recruiting, I get great satisfaction when a client or candidate goes out of their way to give positive feedback. Then there is fighting. Muay Thai has always been a hobby until I recently signed with ONE Championship, essentially making it a second full-time job. The financial aspect is a bonus, but honestly, I genuinely enjoy the publicity and support we get from fans. I love inspiring the younger generations, and I take that aspect very seriously.

So, it is essential to reflect on your work and remind yourself why you are doing what you’re doing.