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TRS Resourcing provides turnkey technical blue-collar trades for permanent and temporary positions within the Transport, Manufacturing, Industrial and Mining Sectors, Australia wide. Connecting the most qualified and reliable personnel with our well-established clients, benefiting both parties.  

TRS Resourcing has over 15 years of experience with providing clients throughout Australia and London with the highest-qualified employees. Over these years, we developed an expansive and reliable network with in-depth resources readily available at our fingertips as well as yours.


Our team is highly accomplished and is always striving to acknowledge the needs of both our clients and talent. We are committed to building personalised and long term relationships with our candidates and clients.


Are you looking for your next most valuable workers provided to you quickly and efficiently?

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We enjoy publishing articles for everyone to read, by providing key industry insights and useful everyday skills.

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Connecting with premier global recruiting agencies located Worldwide

TRS holds a membership with NPAworldwide. NPA has been a service to businesses since 1956 and specialises in recruiting and headhunting. This membership helps us to globally expand our networking capabilities which ensures that we always have something to offer for our clients. NPA notifies us of upcoming networking events that are pivotal for the progression of recruiting businesses.

Commitment to the protection of Australian and New Zealand workers and professionals.

TRS is StaffSure certified. This means that our business standards are being kept in check by a reputable organisation whom seeks to promote the most ethical practices within working environments. This is a benefit to us and most of all our clients and job seekers, giving us all peace-of-mind.

Ethical practice and industry standards

TRS is proudly accredited by RCSA. We have a corporate membership with RCSA which gives us access to all the essential business tools, global research and statistics that evidently benefit the longevity of our work with clients. RCSA also provides us with the correct ethical practices and industry standards that every Australian and New Zealand corporation must abide by.

Simple Streamline Workplace Compliance

WorkPro provides us with authorized background checks, essential induction and e-learning, document management and official licence and ticket management. WorkPro regularly updates their modules to align with Australian and New Zealand standards. This all ensures that our clients, candidates, and us all benefit. WorkPro is accredited by the Government; integrated with Government databases, delivering the most accurate background checks and information of job seekers.

Industry Capability Network (ICN)

is a business network that introduces Australian and New Zealand companies to projects large and small.

We offer a new business source for suppliers and a sophisticated search service for project managers.

ICN is an independent organisation financially supported by Australian and New Zealand state and territory governments. Since it started more than 30 years ago, we have helped local suppliers find $30 billion worth of contracts.